It was a long time I wanted to work on the history of my family, but I did not know where to start, which artifact to do, how to handle the emotional impact. When I enrolled in Ceramics II in the University of Porto, the professor told me 'You are an Erasmus, you can do whatever you want. Choose a project and we develop it together'. Suddenly I got the idea of working on this topic, and within one afternoon I had the concept, size and preparatory sketches.The idea was to tell, in an abstract way, what happened in my family over the last 10 years. The idea was that this transformation was represented by the color, the treatment, the grittiness, the shape and movement of clay. In short, something that would involve all senses to represent fully the radical transformation my family went thought. It starts with a sphere, an idealized concept of family from my childhood. Soon the ball breaks into several parts, because suddenly I saw four people, with their flaws, their problems, their humanity. At a time when there are more humans, there are mutual relationships, emotions, wounds, aid that create an almost inextricable tangle of emotions, which is to grow, slowly turning into something else while people change. The final forms are four living beings, free from restraints, but equal, ready to go in different directions.

Ceramics II
Material: Crete