The basic request of this laboratory was the project of the identity of a city, in this case, Porto. The most interesting thing was the approach: the professor asked to the Portuguese students to create the institutional identity of the city and to us, for those who lived in town for a limited period of time, the touristic identity, exactly what we were experiencing. It was required a logo and three or four applications: the identity of the city's tourist had to be total, we had to design something that could be easily adapted to a variety of purposes. The final delivery were three posters, to be positioned side by side, that had to have their own identity but had to be read together.The starting point was the slogan 'get lost and found': we wanted to be sure that people got a bit lost in the city, so that they may discover something new, unexpected and amazing. We wanted our target to live a little bit of the magic we lived. The basic idea was a flexible and modular font, with which we built the logo, and from which we took all the other developments: an iPhone application, a number of decorations for the Metro do Porto, two posters and a flexible and playful way to interact and get 'lost' in the city.

Corporate and Institutional Identity
With: Ágnes Jekli, Elena Baka, Marília Carvalho Gomes
Software: Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, InDesign CS5