A casa é um lugar onde nos sentimos bem.
Onde encontrámos o que amamos.
Onde podemos sonhar
mas, também, ficar de olhos bem abertos.

Home is a place where we feel good.
Where we can find what we love.
Where can dream
but also keep our eyes wide open.

The task was to create a promotional video for a nonprofit organization. I chose Casa da Música, because it's a place that has managed to inspire, amaze and surprise me. Casa da Música (Home of the Music), located in the newest part of the city of Porto, is a place where music can grow, experiment and be communicated to the population. Inside there are auditoriums, bars and rooms for music workshops. Everything is surrounded by the amazing architecture of Rem Koolhaas, who can accompany the viewer / visitor through a series of spaces, like a maze, to bring him ever deeper into the very idea of music.

Video II
Camera: Canon 500D, GoPro Hero II
Software: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects