The BRENNEREI next generation lab considers itself as a think tank and workshop, belonging to the Bremen Economic Development Corporation. As part of our programmes, we provide knowledge and make innovation accessible. Our courses are designed for creative young professionals from all over the world, for businesses and institutions who are becoming more professional and want to see the bigger picture. In 2014 BRENNEREI was honored with the European Enterprise Promotion Awards in the category "Investing in entrepreneurial skills".

For more about what I did for Brennerei, look at the website I designed for it.
ONLYGLASS GmbH is a company from Verden, Germany. The company emerged from the medium-sized traditional company FRERICHS GLAS GMBH which has continually developed itself since 1876 as a special provider of glass solutions.
They produced the ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE, a transparent media façade, which is integrated into building architecture.

The BRENNEREI team task was to reasearch possible applications for the product and a solid theoretical background that could allow the company to communicate to the clients the true potential of their product.

For more about what we did for ONLYGLASS, look at the website I designed for it.
Social Façade
City neighborhoods are undergoing radical transformation. A significative example is Gröpelingen in the city of Bremen, Germany. As people are less bounded to physical space, the value of place identity declines. Thus, public places are often underestimated or simply neglected. SOCIAL FAÇADE aims at reviving such city parts as Gröpelingen. Its goal is to raise people's awareness about their neighborhood while they take action in the creation of their surroundings. As studies show, this will lead to a stronger attachment to the place which then triggers a virtuous spiral of care of the place and - on a large scale - greater participation in public life. Under the curatorship of cultural experts, designers provide visual and content information about the place, its history and its people. In the second phase, inhabitants of Gröpelingen reflect their acquired (or not acquired) perception of the place in processed - mainly moving - images. This content is then recalibrated again by designers to outline new images or put emphasis on some positive aspects of the content. Thanks to this new balance, the discussion of the inhabitants about the place changes and leads to a possible change of perception of reality.

This research led to my Master thesis about Media Façades, Place Studies and design, Identity in the Façade.
Light places
In this proposal we outlined three different uses for Onlyglass, characterized by three definitions of the term "Light".

1. n. the medium of illumination that makes sight possible.
With the first one we worked on the most archetypal non-places, that for us were tunnes. In these situations the role of movement was the one of some kind of space transience, in which there is a change in position of the human being trespassing it from one end to the other.

3. n. a state of awareness or understanding.
The third one was about disposable places: those corners of cities created for a use that by definition is extremely defined by time-spans and certains human types. For this reason,we though about a meaning transience, a shift in the connotation and the use of a certain place.

2. adj. of little weight, not heavy / Designed for ease and quickness of movement having a relatively slim structure.
In the second one we worked on in-between places, parts of the landscape created by humans that are in transformation. For this reason we developed a proposal for a construction site and called it time transience, for its characteristic of being defined by the progress of the building and therefore by time.

BRENNEREI Next Generation Lab
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
With: Alessandra Meloni, Jana Beckmann, Ema Sauramo